I started in CATV with Bell Canada in 1956 and stayed with Bell Canada until 1966

    From 1966 @ 1969, Technical director for CATV broadband system, MONTREAL EXPO-67   
    From 1969 @ 1978, Director of CATV sales, COMM-PLEX ELECTRONICS Ltd. Montreal.
    From 1978 @ 1979, Director of CATV sales, DBC (Delta Benco Cascade) Toronto.
    From 1979 @ 1989, Director of CATV sales, CABLETEL COMMUNICATIONS INC. Toronto.
    From 1989 @ 1993, Technical Director, Fiber Optic, CATV and LAN for CABLETEL COMMUNICATIONS INC.
    From 1993 @ 1994, Product manager, CATV-HFC systems, TRISPEC COMMUNICATIONS INC. Montreal.
    From 1994 @ 2006, Director Engineering CATV-HFC, TRISPEC COMMUNICATIONS INC. Montreal.
    From 2006 @ to-day, I run CATV EXPERT from my home in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

My hobbies are: Cycling,Teaching Skiing, Computer, and CATV-HFC systems.

  J. A. André (Andy) Lamarre, CV.
Your Source for CATV-HFC Technology.
My favorites hobby.
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